Dual function, laser engraving and fdm printing on one printer.

  • I builded me an big (455×552×432 build volume) printer. I used the Duet Wifi with the Duex5, because every axis has 2 motors.
    I want to mount an Lasermodul on the other side of my printhead. For the printer i used the Makerbot principle with one extruder for now. Is it possible to configurate the laser on E1 and also with the possibilities of the Duex5? I think in the same way i could use than my plasma cutter instead of the laser.
    Can you tell how i have to configure my config.g
    Thanks alot

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    It depends on how you are generating the GCode file to do laser engraving. Does the GCode file use G1 commands with X, Y and E coordinates? Or G1 commands with just XY coordinates, and M3/M4/M5 commands interspersed with the G1 commands to turn the laser on and off? Or something else?

  • I dont know yet, it depends how the program will create the gcode. I think it would be good to use Lasergrbl for that. But if understand you right, is such an combination with the duet wifi possible? Other cheap china engravers has no enstops, which makes it difficult to reproduce quality. I want to engrave a lot earmarks for my sheeps, for that i want to print an holder for all earmarks for exact positioning as example. And with the z axis i could easy adjust the focus???
    By the way
    Thanks for the great support.

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    I don't know Lasergrbl so you need to see what GCode it generates.

    I am aware of three different schemes for generating GCode files for laser cutters and engravers:

    1. Generate GCode commands with E movements to control the laser. This is supported by RRF. You can use M571 to turn a PWM pin on/off with extrusion.

    2. Use separate M3 and M5 commands to turn the laser on and off. This is supported by RRF.

    3. Generate G1 commands with an extra S parameter to control the laser PWM. This is not currently supported by RRF. That use of the S parameter clashes with the meaning of the S parameter in RRF.

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