Just installed but have issues / question about how to calibrate

  • Hi everyone.

    I spent the afternoon installing the duet wifi on my micromake D1.

    when i run the calibration the head crashes into one of the towers. the first command is

    G30 P0 X0 Y59.9 H0 Z-99999

    And the bed has a easy radius of 80mm

    I think it could be an esteps issue. I am using microstepping of 16 and 100 steps per mm

    If i move the system down 10mm on the Z height it move 10mm. So i am not sure where this is going wrong

    Alternatively, it is something else.

    Running 1.19.2

    Any suggestions would be great.

    I am not sure if i have some of the measurements correct in my config.g. I have this image from a lerdge board

    In the config i have the numbers for 1 and 5 but have been wondering if instead of measurment 1 i actually need the star value.

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    Do you have files deployprobe.g and retractprobe.g in your /sys folder on the SD card? If so, and you are not using them to deploy and retract a BLTouch Z probe, you need to delete them.

    From your diagram, measurement 2 goes in the L parameter of the M665 command in config.g, measurement * goes in the R parameter, measurement 5 goes in the B parameter, and measurement 6 taken with the carriages right at the top goes in the H parameter.

  • I'll check the SD card but I don't see them in in the web portal but will double check. Thanks for the break down. Will update as needed and retest.

    Currently, have a new issue that my hotend fan will not run. Some sort of cable issue i think.

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    The deployprobe and retractprobe files should not be there if your Duet had firmware 1.19 installed when you received it; but if it had an earlier firmware version, they will have been on the SD card as shipped.

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