Maximum PPS capability?

  • Hopefully this isn’t a dumb question but what is the maximum number of pulses per second the duetwifi can send to a single motor as well as all motors combined?

    For example, if I have a 0.9 deg/step stepper that theoretically should be able to spin at 360 RPM (6 RPS) the board would have to be able to 2.4k pulses/second to reach the target speed. However, if I increase microstepping to some high number (say 64 or 128) this number becomes pretty large and I’m wondering if there is a “max PPS” the board can handle?

    National instruments DAQ hardware, for example, typically have a max sample rate per channel and also a max total rate for the entire chassis so I’d imagine this board has similar limitations for command rates for the motors (per channel and all combined?).


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    1 motor: more than 300000 pps.
    3 motors moving at the same time: more than 150000 pps each.

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