Bug? - CombineName() Buffer Overflow - Web Control 1.20

  • Did a complete 1.20 (firmware, DuetWiFi, and DWC) upgrade over the weekend. Everything seems to be working well. The only thing I've discovered is a CombineName() Buffer Overflow error when attempting to upload, what I presume, is a file name that is too long.

    See the quick screen shot I was able to grab. Granted, my naming was a bit verbose, and I was able to successfully upload once I dropped the spaces and some extraneous verbiage.

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    The maximum length of a filename including the path is set at 100 characters in the firmware.

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    For the next firmware release I have increased the maximum to 120 characters on the series 2 Duets, also I have changed the error message to "file name too long".

  • Thanks, anyway to fail the start of the upload if the name is too long? The first time the upload success msg stayed and the error message flashed by and then the file wasn't shown on site. I had to do it 2 other times, once to read the message, and the next to capture the msg.

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