Z step motor connection problem

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    I am seting up new 3d printer made by me i got strange problem on z step motor. After i setup the firmware to run the printer i start to test step motor movements. x and y are working but z is trying to work and gives strange noise sound. i attach z step motor to y motor on the board and it start to work. i checked the cables everything but dosent find out solution. if i connect x and y motor on z motor connection on the board they stop working. so the problem is whatever i attached to z motor on the board it dosent work. Why this is happening? any ideas?

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    Here are two likely possibilities:

    1. You have a Cartesian or CoreXY printer with the Z axis driven by a fine-pitch leadscrew or threaded rod, and you have the acceleration or maximum speed setting of the Z motor set too high. If this is the case, reducing the Z acceleration in the M201 command in config.g and/or the Z maximum speed in the M203 command will solve the problem.

    2. The Z motor driver is faulty. To test the Z driver:

    • With power off, plug the X motor cable into the Z output on the Duet, and vice versa.
    • Power up and in the System Files of Duet Web Control, edit config.g.
    • In your config.g file, place this command before the M906 command (and the M350 command if you have one):

    M584 X2 Y1 Z0 E3:4

    This tells the firmware to swap the X and Z motor drivers.

    • Save the changes ands restart the Duet. Then see whether the Z axis still has the problem, or there is now a problem with the Y axis instead.

  • i have another printer which is working without any problem so i copy the firmware to my new printer. both has exactly same leadscrew so option 1 cant be the problem. tomorrow i will try option 2 and see the result. swapping x and z motor and still have problem on z output what its gonna be than?

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    If the problem is still on the Z output, it will move to the X axis. In which case you should make a warranty claim because it would indicate a faulty Z driver.

  • i swap as you suggested and now x is not working. so z output is the problem. what should i do now?

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    Ask for the board to be repaired or replaced under warranty. See https://www.duet3d.com/warranty.

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