Nozzle wiping prior to SmartEffector probing

  • Hi,

    I’m assembling a T3DP3D Kossel XL+ with SmartEffector.
    It has been suggested that it’s a good idea to wipe the nozzle over a silicon blade etc to clean it before probing.
    Anyone got any pictures of their setup please?

  • I did a nozzle wiping station as it looked fun.

    Do I use it - no, a quick clip with wirecutters after preheating to 130 deg C and then I probe.

    This ensures filament on the end of the nozzle is soft, so I do a G30 before G32 just a few mm off bed centre to squash any residual filament flat before has chance to influence my probing accuracy, just in case I forgot to clip it. It also is below ooze temperature of practically all filaments so you don't leave blobs when probing, and it reduces the observed effect of thermal expansion of the hotend compared to probing cold and makes clipping or cleaning easier. You can probe cold but there are no benefits as above.

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