Mesh bed compensation for different bed sizes on a big printer bed

  • Hi all,
    long time 3d printer, but new to duet.
    I built my own CoreXY running a duet wifi, 5"panel due.
    My question is how do I map a bed for different sizes.
    G29 is setup for a 600 x 600 BLTouch probing in the config.g file, and this takes some time.
    I don't use G29 S1 as the heatbed isn't consistent for reliability for me.
    Can the M557 code be used outside of the config.g file?
    ie: In S3D - Scripts tab - starting script tab

    G28 ; home all
    ;M98 PLeadscrew Adjustment.g ; Call Sub Program Leadscrew Adjustment.g
    ;M557 X0:100 Y0:100 S20 ; 100mm bed
    ;M557 X0:200 Y0:200 S20 ; 200mm bed
    ;M557 X0:300 Y0:300 S20 ; 300mm bed
    ;M557 X0:400 Y0:400 S20 ; 400mm bed
    ;M557 X0:500 Y0:500 S20 ; 500mm bed
    ;M557 X0:600 Y0:600 S20 ; 600mm bed
    G29 S0 ; Probe the bed and save height map to file
    M109 S230 T0

    My plan was to select the bed size from the G code before slicing the model

    thanks all

  • administrators

    Yes, you can use M557 outside config.g. Why not set up a few macro files in /macros for different print sizes, each one using M557 followed by G29 ?

  • Thanks DC.

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