Duex2 5V Current Limit

  • How much current can the Duex2 5V line supply? Ideally I'd like to know if the instantaneous current limit is different than the steady-state.

    Also, I think the answer to this is 'no', but can the duet 5V and the duex 5V lines be combined to supply greater current?


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    The DueX2 gets its 5V power from the Duet. The 5V regulator on the Duet is rated at 2A total. Of that, allow 300mA for the Duet and DueX5 themselves, plus the current drawn by PanelDue if you have one (up to 700mA for the 7" version). The maximum instantaneous current is the same 2A except for very short current pulses, because the regulator provides current limiting.

    You can use external 5V power to power the servo connectors on the DueX, using the input connector and jumper provided.

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