Verbose G-Code Console – DWC 1.20

  • Recently noticed that the G-Code Console has been showing a lot of messages for end of print job. I believe this started after the 1.20 upgrade, but I could be wrong. Up until seeing these messages flashing by on DWC, I hadn't spent a great deal of time in the console.

    I was just getting ready to enable M929 to start seeing what was in it, so you'll see M929 in the below, but prior to that there are a fair number of messages anyway.

    Just curious if this is the expected behavior.

    Also, was wondering if there is a way to dump the console to a file at some point.

  • administrators

    There is a known issue whereby if you have more than one device connected to the printer using DWC, and you turn one of them off without clicking "Disconnect" first, the other(s) display repeated messages.

  • Ahh, that could very possibly be it. I've got a tablet and a PC that I jump back and forth between on a regular basis, and then a laptop shows up from time to time when I'm upstairs checking on a print.


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