Setting up a new internet connection

  • I replaced my WiFi network today but used the same ID and password so things could easily reconnect. One Duet was set up using a DNS supplied IP address and the other was given a fixed IP. The one with the fixed IP no longer connects so I want to change it so it is setup like the other one. Before jumping into it I thought I’d ask what steps I need to execute to do this. I’d rather not screw everything up before asking for help.

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    Assuming you are using firmware 1.19 or later, then you need to re-send the M587 command to specify the router SSID and password. If you don't also supply an IP address in that command, then DHCP will be used to get asn IP address.

  • When I originally set up the printer on the network I gave it an ip of The new network does not support that ip but it seems to be trying to connect to it. I’ve tried using M588 to forget the network and reconnect but that doesn’t seem to help. What do I need to do to clear the existing ip from memory?

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    You can change IP address by sending a new M587 command for the same SSID. Optionally, you can delete the SSID first using the M587 command, then send M587 without parameters to confirm that it is no longer in the remembered list.

  • It’s working fine now. I guess i must have typed something wrong before. Thanks for the help again.

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