Minimum distance between the IR Sensor and the HeaterBlock?

  • I'm designing a new IR mount/fan assembly, but I couldn't find this distance specified or discussed anywhere. I've got plenty of Kapton tape, so there will be at least 2 layers of that.

    I think I'll go with 5mm for now - let me know if anyone thinks that's too close or too far.

  • That is about how close I have mine. I used quite a few layers of Kapton, but had issues when the hotend was up to full temp. Silicone wrapping the hotend fixed that.

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    5mm is OK, and if you have a silicone sock on the heater block you can go a bit closer. Clip the wires on the back of the sensor before you apply the Kapton tape.

    Important! If the back of the Vcc pin of the sensor shorts against the heater block, and at the same time you get an internal short in the heater cartridge, you will write off the Duet. So make sure the back of the board is well-insulated.

  • Thanks guys.

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