Sd cards reader issues

  • Did my sd card reader on my duet wifi die? It doesn't detect sd cards anymore. I have tried reformatting, two other sd cards and putting in new files but nothing is working. It just seems that it isnt reading my sd cards anymore. Is this also a part that is replaceable or will i have to replace the entire board?

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    Here are some tests you can do:

    1. Check that you can communicate with the Duet iver USB, to establish that it's just the SD card subsystem that isn't working,

    2. Run M122 from USB. In the report, see if it says "SD card detected", if it does then see whether it gives an interface speed. If it says the card is ont detected, then the problem may just be a poor soldered connection to the CD pin at the back of the socket.

    3. Send M21 to try to re-mount the SD card.

    If M122 shows that the card is detected but you can't mount a card, then either the SD socket ot the processor is at fault. If your Duet is out of warranty then I can replace these sockets in the UK, and forum user W3DRK can in the US.

  • Thanks for the quick answer!
    I have run a M122 and it says : SD card 0 not detected, interface speed: 30.0MBytes/sec
    SD card longest block write time: 0.0ms
    M21 says a similar error : Cannot initialise SD card 0: Card not found.
    I have had my duet board for around 8-9 months i think so i am probably not under warranty anymore.
    Replacing the socket does sound good. How do I contact you in regards to replacing it.

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    If it says the card is not detected when there is a card in the socket, then it may just be a bad soldered connection. Looking into the back of the socket, the CD pin is the rightmost one, next to the corner. Does it look securely soldered to the pad, or does it look like it may be just resting on top of the pad?

  • it does look like its resting on top a bit but it's not really clear

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    Is your Duet still under warranty?

  • I don't think so, the warranty is 6 months right?
    Edit: the two on the right do seem a bit less inside the solder than the other ones

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    It's hard to tell from the photo, you really need to look at it from the side to tell. Here are two tests you can do:

    1. Observing antistatic precautions, with an SD card in the socket, try pressing down on that corner pin and running M122 to see whether the status changes to "SD card detected" when you do. Be careful not to short the pin to the metal casing of the socket while you do that, because that would give you a false reading.

    2. If #1 doesn't work, deliberately short that corner pin to the casing of the socket. This should change the status to "SD card detected" unless the microcontroller is faulty or R79 is open circuit. While keeping it shorted, send M21 and see if the card will mount. If so, it means the card detect switch in the socket is faulty, and replacing the socket will fix it.

  • It doesnt seem to detect it under any circumstance. The problem probably lies somewhere else.

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    Have you inspected R79 in case it is badly soldered or cracked?

  • R79 looks fine at first glance. My last print was severely underextruded before the failure but i don't know if that has something to do with it

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