SD Card popping out of it's slot.

  • Somewhat weird hardware issue here, When assembling my printer I noticed one morning the SD card was out of the DuetWiFi and lying on the floor.. but I'd been configuring until 3am and thought I must have left it there, I'd been popping it in and out all evening working on the initial config. Then, last night, in the middle of printing everything stopped; the Duet was dead, no web interface (but ping worked). I don't have a panelDue; I am going the wifi-only route, I had no option but to pull the plug since the heaters were still on. Pikachu looks vaguely comical without a head.

    Attempts at reconnection failed, so I went to pop the SD card out and look at the config there; only to discover there was no card, which explained a lot. It was actually on the floor across the room. I muttered about failing to push it home, clicked it firmly into the holder, turned around and heard a little click, followed by the SD card flying past my shoulder.

    Longshot is that my SD card holder is a bit flakey; clicking the card in is like one of those kids toys you press down and sometime later it springs up, quite repeatable, sometimes immediate, sometimes delayed. The Card itself looks fine, the 'notch' on it is sharp, I am properly inserting it. So I'm presuming the card holder is defective.

    I was actually wondering if anybody else has seen issues like this (on Duets or any other controllers, RPi's etc) and if there is any suggested way to fix without a warranty return?

    • Currently It is held in with Duct tape 😉
    • I suspect that all I need to do is carefully bend the latching bar out, or maybe the holder itself is badly/loose mounted. I'll remove the board and look at this under a magnifier later, double-check it is properly soldered as per the comments from DC42 in and ask support /before/ I do anything warranty busting.

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    We see the occasional SD card socket that won't latch in at all, but I haven't heard of that particular fault before.

  • Hi, Thanks for reply, I'm guessing mine is just an edge case.. teetering between latch and eject.

    I've found the culprit, it appears to be a bad solder joint on the reader allows the case to lift slightly near the latching mechanism.

    This shows the tab of the SD slot cover is not properly bedded in the solder, allowing the whole cover to flex ever so slightly away from the PCB. Which in turn allows the latch (the foot shaped metal cutout) to slip sideways out of the notch in the card. Pressing the cover with my finger produces a slight, but very visible movement as it beds tighter onto the PCB. I tried to photo the gap, but not a good angle for my phone to macro focus.. It's sorta visible here:

    I can fix this myself (I have the skills and SMD solder/flux/iron bits, etc) but please PM me or whatever if you would prefer me to do a return.

    Edit: Forum software munges image URLS. So you'll have to follow these manually.

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    If you are sure you can attempt to fix it without damaging anything, go ahead. Remove the SD card from the socket first.

  • Thanks; I'll wait for the weekend when I can yank the card properly out of the machine into some sunlight, have a better look and see if I want to do that. Thanks too for the support you provide, appreciated.

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