What does this button do?

  • On the PanelDue's "Control" page, on the far right side there's a button above the "Macro" button that has a squiggly line and some arrows. What does that button do?

    I think this is the only button in the interface I haven't figured out… (While I'm posting, what is the "P0" value immediately above that button?) I think it might relate to z-probe or auto levelling or bed compensation... or something along those lines... (but I have no z-probe installed/configured.)

    While commenting on the PanelDue interface, a request: It'd be really nice if the nozzle icons representing tools were numbered the same as they are in the web interface: Starting at 0 instead of at 1. I asked my wife to "go downstairs and tap the button for tool 1 until it turns red..." (followed by instructions for changing the temperature so the nozzle heated up so I could unload filament.) When I got back to the printer, I found that she did the logical thing and selected the button labeled as "1" (which is actually tool 0.)

  • If you mean this button in yellow, its runs the bed calibration.

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