Dual Hotend issues

  • Hi all,

    I'm having an issue that seems to be related to the safety features of the duet board. I'm trying to run two volcano hotends (24v) using the default tool switching files.

    I can heat them both up to printing temp at the same time but when the printer comes to use the second extruder during a print then it tries heating for a short while then says there is an error and stops the print.

    From my observation it seems that the second hotend isn't sticking to the standby temperature (170) and consequently has to start from a lower temperature.

    So either is there any way to get around the safety feature by extending the amount of time that is required for it to time out or is the standby temperature defined in the tool change gcodes.

    Both extruders have been calibrated to 230 degrees and have the temperature to reach that in enough time when not printing.

    Let me know if you require anything from my end.



  • administrators

    What error is reported?

    There is a wiki page in the Troubleshooting section on how to avoid spurious heater faults.

  • I get the error #Heating fault on heater 2, temperature excursion exceeded 15 degrees#

    Where do I define the standby temp as I think this partly to blame.

  • Also, manually setting a standby temperature into the web interface doesn't increase the temperature.

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