Auto Bed Level crashes Y

  • ok I got all my homing issues fixed now when I start the Auto Bed Level in the WC its start from zero mves have way and probes
    the problem is when it moves to the end of Y it does not stop where it sually does but over shoots the end switch and hits the frame.
    This causes the belts to slip and in the end I have a mesh which is a mess. 🙂
    Then it will probe and continue ti clockwise probe of the bed.

    Now if my homing is ok what could be the cause. If I send the carrage to the end of why it will stop like it should.

  • administrators

    I presume you are using G32 and bed.g, not G29. It is up to you to specify probe point coordinates in the G30 commands in bed.g that are reachable by the probe.

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