Issue with Smarteffector

  • So I replaced my smarteffector PCB a while back as I blew the LEDs, but it functioned well as a z-probe. The replacement one occasionally functions erratically. Now its really behaving badly.

    Sometimes triggers heavy, LED doesnt come on (motors are at 50% current so its not doing any damage), then it starts false triggering.

    Its not a loose connection. I am using a Nimble with Nimble adaptor mount with nut trap for the large nut that holds the heatsink I will try without it.

    I've tried sensitivities from 25:230 to 155:100

    Have you seen others do this? I am trying to decide if I need to pull everything apart to look for a cause or not?

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    I repaired a couple of strain effector boards with similar symptoms. The diagnosis was bad soldering of U1 or U3 to the PCB, but there are other potential causes.

  • I'll check those thanks.

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