Duet Wifi 12V Specs?

  • Hi Mr. 42 & Co.,

    I'm considering a "berd air" cooling setup. I planned on using 110v and a solid state relay like my bed to control the pump. Now though, I'm stumbling on 12v DC air pumps with some impressive specs! Unfortunately my electrical knowledge ends somewhere around operating a light switch. The pump feature specs like this:

    If I hook this thing up directly to a duet wifi does it ( a ) blow cool air across my prints surface or (b) explode



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    35W power implies a current draw of 3A, which is too high for a fan output. Also I suspect that 70lpm capacity is much higher than you need for print cooling. But I haven't used an air pump print cooling system, so others can advise you better than I can on what capacity you need.

    Before connecting an air pump to a Duet fan output, please read https://duet3d.com/wiki/Connecting_and_configuring_fans#Cautions_when_connecting_brushed_DC_motors_e.g._air_pumps.

  • Haha thank you! 70lpm was just an example of one of the more powerful units. I certainly don't need that much through a berd air…it'd probably blow my effector up to my home switches! I would consider that unit for hotend cooling though, if I make a super heated chamber.

    What's the best way to integrate this to my system I wonder. Can pumps be pwm? Is it possible to do some sorcery like hot to a power supply and negative to the duet and get pwm? Or get an ssr and hook it up like a bed?

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