Looks like corrupt firmware

  • In the course of simply wishing to change the E-steps on my AnyCubic delta while switching a Bondtech for a Titan extruder I seem to have messed up my firmware without having any idea how. I made the change in E-steps via Pronterface, after which I'm unable to get a print going without mishap.

    Immediately following the above modification, the print file (which had run previously without issue) began performing the following behaviors upon both subsequent attempts at the same file as well as other attempts at sending the printer other previously functional files. Ordinarily with the AnyCubic, after bed and nozzle have reached temps the printer will home and then drop about 100mm before beginning a slower descent to the bed. On the first try, the machine rebooted at the pausing-point 100mm below home. Next time it merely froze with M105 displayed. After that it would halt for about ten seconds (not normal behavior) at the above position, then drop to the bed without crashing but immediately reversing direction and hitting the endstops, causing the steppers to stall.

    The above situations occurred repeatedly and seemingly at random on various print files, the one odd exception was the printer completing the skirt but then heading up toward the home position again.

    Firmware has been reflashed using a fresh AnyCubic download and updating the configuration.h file in Marlin.

    Not only am I rather frustrated at this point, but quite curious as well! I'm hoping that it's alright to post a question non-Duet related here, I'm sending the question to the other forums as well but I've certainly found that the replies here are both quicker and more knowledgeable.
    As always, help is much appreciated.

  • It has been suggested on the RepRap forum that I may have corrupted the EEPROM which certainly seems likely, that was the only thing which I had messed with before the trouble began.

    The reply post simply said "… Run the 'clear eeprom' sketch in the arduino tools ... " , but I'm unable to find that in the Tools and it appears from Googling that it's not too tough to brick an Arduino if the method used to clear the EEPROM is incorrect.

    Any tips on this?

    Enough with the Arduino 8-bit stuff and Marlin, hard to wait until the machine running the Duet is finished.

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