Manual Bed correction

  • Hi!
    I did the following
    in file bed.g
    G30 X10 Y180 Z-99999
    G30 X180 Y180 Z-99999
    G30 X100 Y10 Z-99999 S3

    Then I call the G32 command.
    The head is positioned above the set point. A standard window appears.
    I make a correction with a sheet of paper and press OK.
    I do this 3 times.
    I start an dummy print and see that the correction received does not apply.
    How to correct the curvature of the bed by hand?
    ; Sorry for my English.

  • administrators

    You can't measure curvature of a bed using just 3 probe points, all you can do is work out much it is tilting in two directions. You need at least 4 point to measure curvature if it is the same in both directions (think of the surface of a sphere), or 5 points if the curvature is different in different directions like an ellipsoid.

  • The example shows 3 points.

    Command G32 with what parameters to cause for saving of result (in ROM or file)?

  • administrators

    G32 probing results are not saved when you turn the power off. If what you are trying to achieve is bed level compensation, then you should use G29 mesh bed probing instead.

  • Share an example? I have a concave bed in the middle((

  • administrators

    See If you are not using G32 and the bed.g file for anything else (e.g. delta calibration, auto bed levelling using multiple leadscrews, or the manual bed levelling assistant), you can put the G29 command in bed.g if you wish instead of G30 commands.

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