IR Sensor only detecting back half of my print bed.

  • I am trying to get my sensor calibrated to my new setup. It works fine on another build I have with an older Duet board and BuildTak base, even now, so I know it is functioning correctly. On my new build, I have a matte aluminum print bed with pei over it. I first sanded the pei, but the problem was still the same, so I took it all off, cleaned the build plate with denatured alcohol, then painted the bottom of a new pei sheet with black oven paint before reapplying. The problem is still there.

    The sensor triggers from Y200 down to about Y110, but from Y0 - Y110, nothing, even right next to the IR sensor. It just has a constant reading of ~265 around the front half of the bed. Not sure what else to try. I moved the older board to the newer machine, and it's the same, so I know it's not the wiring or the electronics themselves. Is there something else I could check that would cause this? Anything in software able to cause it only to detect 1/2 of the y axis of the bed? Cause I did just copy the base files for the new machine over to the old board to test. Also, I am just using M558 P1 and G31 P500 Z1.0 in the console for now, so I don't have it in the config files until I get this worked out. Thanks!

  • Sort of seems like you have an bad connection maybe, Like the wires are shifting with the head movement and when it shifts one directiom you have connection, but then in the other direction doesn’t make good contact,

  • Yep. Stupid me didn't check inside my quick connect wire setup for my hotend change out. The sense pin was about 100mm too short. 😛 Thanks for the help!

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