Remap FAN1 (default object cooling fan) to FANx?

  • Is it possible to remap the default object cooling fan (FAN1) to a fan header on a Duex board?
    It had become important as I need three sliders for RGB led control.


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    The default print cooling fan is Fan0, not Fan1. You can remap it on a tool-by-tool basis on the M563 commands. When no tool is selected, it will still be mapped to fan 0.

  • Just love how my brain disconnects now and then, thanks.

    I thought FAN0 was the default and recommended fan used for heatsink? Seems to remember it was listed as recommended since it would Power first or some such. Was a year ago though.

    I select T0 on startup so I’ve always a tool selected.

    My need comes from a need for more Sliders in webgui. I can see we have a request post for it
    Hope it happens as I think more and more people are going to use rgb leds and such.

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    Fan 1 is the recommended fan for cooling the heatsink, because it defaults to being on at power up. This means that if you decide to update the firmware while the hot end is hot, the heatsink fan will keep running during the firmware update process.

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