Perimeter separation

  • I am having trouble with my outside perimeter having a very small gap. It is not present in all prints. Of anyone has any tips it would be appreciated. I have tried multiple slicers with the same results. .3 nozzle with 3 perimeters. When the print finishes it looks perfect other than the outside perimeter is not always joined to the print.

  • Can you post some images (use, then copy link into )

    What extrusion width are you using?

    Is your 0.3mm nozzle actually 0.3mm orifice diameter?

  • This is a bit exaggerated I have pulled the perimeters away from the object in the photo. I have no way of measuring the orifice of the nozzle, but there is a chance it is not 0.3 I suppose. I cut the wall off the object and it measures 0.3 with calipers, I have not changed extrusion multiplier settings. I would prefer to change other settings rather than the multiplier setting. I am thinking I should try a smaller nozzle width? At first glance of the objects you would not even see that they are separated but after running a finger across the perimeter you can feel that is is not fully adhered. I am using 220*C for PLA,

  • Id look at extrusion width. So one way to do this is extrude some filament into the air. Let it cool then measure it with calipers. For a 0.4mm nozzle typically it will be 0.48mm diameter due to die swell. For a 0.3mm expect 0.36mm. If so great as the default extrusion width in most slicers is 1.2x nozzle diameter. If your filament in free air is bigger set a wider extrusion width.

    Also make sure set your slicer to print inside perimeters first or anything overhanging gets printed in mid air.

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