FT5 Conversion - Endstop issue

  • So, I'm converting a FT5 to use the Duet interface. I've already installed it on 5 other Delta-type printers, but this is the first Cartesian printer I'm using it on.

    I have everything wired up and connected to the WiFi but I'm having issues with the endstops. They will not read, neither in the software, i.e. web interface, nor via a M119 command, that they have triggered. The endstop LED's light up both at the point of use as well as on the Duet board, so I know that they are "working", but when I try to home an axis, they just crash and keep going (obviously, since they aren't triggering).

    Any ideas what's going on? These are normally open type endstops.


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    What type of endstop switch are they: simple microswitches, optical, or something else?

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    I suspect you have them miswired so that both LEDs are ending up in series. See Makerbot Mechanical Endstop v1.2 at https://duet3d.com/wiki/Connecting_endstop_switches#Makerbot_Mechanical_Endstop_v1.2.

  • Yeah, the Makerbot endstop wires (GND & 3.3V) need to be flipped on the wire from the factory and I did that from the get-go.

    Here's my setup:
    My wired up board:

    The end stop on the machine. Switch is on the right side as shown.

    An exact replica spare endstop I have:

    For demonstration purposes, spare endstop plugged in (Black jacket connector in the back with Black, Red, Green wires) and depressed to show both LED's are lighting up. M119 does NOT report the endstop as triggered.

    If I switch the red/black wires, it acts like it's already triggered (LED's are lit up without switch depressed). I remember I had the flipped wire problem when building one of my Delta's so I knew to double check the order they're placed for this one.

  • In the firmware the switch type can be selected as well as triggers at high or low end . I assume you have these set correct ? I am running the duet WiFi on my FT-5 with the stock switches working perfectly, and I don’t remember re-wiring them .

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    Your connections look correct to me. What M574 command(s) do you have in config.g?

  • The M574 command I have is:

    M574 X0 Y0 S1

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    X0 Y0 mean you have no endstops. Use X1 Y1 if they are axis minimum endstops, or X2 Y2 if they are axis maximum endstops.

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