After Autocalibration - Nozzle too close to bed

  • My delta printer is running, seems to extrude, move, ok Temps are calibrated per instructions.

    I've been able to run the auto calibration (added some additional probe points) but find that after calibration the nozzle is a bit too close to the bed. This causes the extruders to back up since it can't push an plastic through the nozzle thanks to how close the nozzle is to the bed.

    Is there a way I can adjust the overall distance of the nozzle to the bed after calibration?

    I see a G31 command but not sure how it works.

    G31 X0 Y0 Z4.80 P500

    Do I adjust my Z? through this command? Does this mean that after the probe has been triggered its assuming Z 0 is at 4.8? Is 4.8 Steps?

    Please help, very close to getting my printer finally running.

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    Z4.80 in the G31 command specifies the probe trigger height in mm. You need to reduce it to make the nozzle higher after auto calibration.

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