Autoleveling needs tweaking due to small bed in big fram

  • below is a top view of my printer i have done a custom build that is 1 mtr high 5010 depth Y axis and 400 wide X axis but the heated bed hasn't arrived from the good old china post yet so i am using a 200X275 for now

    but as you can see when it has homed on the X and Y my Z probe is way off to begin homing and auto leveling

    how do I get this so it lines up with the bed

    i am now using the config tool

    so since i am used to using repeater firmware i am fairly new to this and not 100% on how to sort it

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    Adjust your M208 X and Y parameters to reflect the actual limits of the bed. If X=0 Y=0 is the lower left corner of your diagram, then you have X min and Y min homing switches, and you will need negative X and Y parameters in your M208 S1 command because the homing switches are at negative offsets. When you have it right, G1 X0 Y0 will position the nozzle over the bottom left corner of the bed.

  • Spot on thanks

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