May I delete the included Macros?

  • I found that five macros have been predefined in DWC:

    Are these macros supposed to stay on the SD card? They show up in th machine control section and I want to avoid running one of the accidentially. So may I delete them or are they required by the system?


  • I deleted and wrote my own.

  • Those macros are on the uSD card to enable setup of the Duet Wifi on a test rig at the factory, followed by functional testing. They are run from Pronterface over USB to upload the DuetWifiServer, then set the network SSID and password and start the network. The tests are then run using DO_NOT_RUN in DWC. You can delete all of them, though you may want to edit SET_NETWORK on a PC, inserting your own WiFi network details, and then run it over USB to get connected, before deleting it.

  • Ok, great. I deleted them.


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