Support for DS18B20 1-wire temperature sensors.

  • Is it possible to add support for DS18B20 temperature sensors to Duet firmware? Sensors are very popular, they are using 1-wire protocol, able to measure up to +125° C with decent accuracy.

    I want to measure different temperatures (steppers, PSU, lower side of e3dv6 hotend radiator, bed and so on).

  • administrators

    It might be possible, but probably not easy because of the timing requirements of the DS18B20.

    You could connect a 100K thermistor to the E1 thermistor connector, and up to five 100K thermistors to the thermistor pins on the expansion connector along with 4.7K pullup resistors to +3.3V. That would allow you to display up to 6 additional temperatures in DuetWebControl.

  • Seems like DHT-series sensors are supported now. DS18B20 uses similar (but not the same) 1-wire protocol.

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    DHT-series sensors are supported in chrishamm's fork of RRF, and in the forthcoming (Iater this evening I hope) 1.20beta1 version

  • Have there been any advances on the topic? I just broke my chamber sensor but there are still tons of DS18B20's lying around from my arduino days...


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