Should I add mass to the top of my Kossel Delta for stabilization

  • Lots of Delta experience here; so I thought I'd ask this in the hope that the experts might share thoughts..

    My delta box is a 'traditional' Kossel layout, everything at the bottom, a single 2020 rail plus vertices at top. There is almost no weight up there, and I see quite a bit of movement when printing. Not enough to worry me yet, the printer sits on rubber feet and the whole thing is wobbling, not just the top. I cant detect any print artifacts from this, but I'm not hugely experienced and I'm keeping print speeds low; I'm sure they are there and more speed would make them more visible. Long term I plan to brace the printer to the wall behind it, rather than add bracing structure.

    in the meantime I was thinking of simply adding a shelf on top of my printer and securely storing a few KG's of filament etc up there. Sort of like a tuned mass in a skyscraper, but without the tuning or sky-scraping. My concern is that this might actually cause the frame to flex, instead of the whole thing moving as a unit, and make the situation worse not better. I notice that building deltas 'upside down' with PSU, steppers etc at the top is very common, same principle? Any thoughts; is 'bad bracing' worse than 'no bracing'?

  • It does apparently help. But I've had my quite tall, thin microdelta tip over a few times, when it had a full reel on top. Its quite small but something to consider.

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