Z-probe (bltouch) releases too early when doing G29 mesh leveling

  • Hi all,

    My z-probe works fine when doing a single point homing, but when I do the mesh bed, the pin triggers at the right point, but releases nearly instantly and hits the bed before the bed has a chance to move away.

    Am I missing something?


    another question aswell… The x-y offsets on g31.. if I have y10, does that mean that when the nozzle is at y0, the probe is sitting on y10, or the other way round?

    many thanks again!

  • administrators

    1. I am aware that some users have this problem with the bltouch and clones. Using a higher travel speed (to increase the speed at which it moves up) works for some users. I may change the behaviour in the next firmware release.

    2. Z probe offset of Y10 means that the probe is over the bed at Y10 when the nozzle is at Y0.

  • Thanks!

    This one is a genuine bltouch now after I broke the original clone (drove it sideways and bent it off on the bed 😞 ).

    Increasing the speed isn't possible unfortunately as i'd need to increase it by 5x the amount to escape the falling pin. I have a corexy with a heavy bed so although 2x is do-able, I wont be able to outpace the sensor.

    Can I suggest maybe a "z-probe reset delay" or something where you could have the pin wait 1 second before dropping again.

    Currently, I think it's only a matter of time before the pin drops early enough that it bounces back up and fails

  • Subscribed as I see the same quirk with mesh bed levelling.
    I drop the bed 40mm and then initiate the mesh levelling, which sees it get to the first point without clipping the bed.


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