Slowdown mid print? Slic3r, Volumetric Extrusion, Autospeed, 6mm3/sec

  • I'm running a PET build that was simulated at 5hrs - longer than I expected but I went with it.

    After 36 layers of printing quick the machine has taken a significant slow down other than supports. Is it just auto cooling that would do this? Layer time was around 1minute before the significant slow down.

    Duet v0.6
    Firmware 1.2
    Slic3r 1.3 dev 1590
    Core x-y 300x300mm

    Extrusion widths set to auto, speed to auto, volumetric extrusion rate set to 6mm3/sec. After 36 layers everything but supports glacially slow…

  • Disabling auto cooling doesn't seem to have made any difference to the print speed.

    I'm seeing feedrates of 401.29 in the gcode. The extrusion widths listed at the top of the file are 0.44, 0.50 and 0.56mm for a 0.2mm layer with a 0.4mm nozzle.

    Extrusion rate set to 6mm3/sec
    Auto cooling disabled
    Min auto speed set to 10mm/sec (feedrate would be 600!)

    I'm thinking this is looking like a slicer bug? Will see if disabling supports effects it…

    Edit... Disabling supports did not remove the 400ish feedrate in the gcode.

    Slic3r Issue Report

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    Does the print get narrower after 36 layers, and do you have a minimum layer time configured in the slicer?

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