Filaments settings in DWC

  • The filaments tab in DWC has potential to be more useful than it is now.

    I can see that it is possible to write a load/unload macro for that particular filament but why limit it to just that? The load/unload procedure is just about the same for all rolls except for temperature. As I was reading dc42's answer to the question about extrusion factors I came to think of this as a way to set the optimum extrusion factor etc for a specific roll of filament instead of fiddling with the process profile in S3D every time you change roll.

    In the slicer, you can set the filament diameter but it would be better if it could be set in the filaments tab, or keep the nominal diameter in the slicers profile and let the filament setting in DWC perform the fine tuning. I'm unaware of the maths the slicer applies to this to the produced G-codes but probably it will affect the ex-factor somehow. Those of you who know a little about this, please fill me in. Does changing any of these parameters change the retract amount also? I don't know.

    One way to do this is to add a macro to the sys folder; "jobstart.g" that the FW will execute upon the start of a print job. If it doesn't exist, it's just ignored.

    • In the filaments tab, you can edit the jobstart_<filament id="">.g for that roll.</filament>

    • Upon executing the "Load" macro the DWC will copy the filament specific jobstart macro to the sys folder as "jobstart.g", overwriting any previous ditto. The jobstart.g macro will contain the G-codes for setting the filament specific factors.

    • FW executes the jobstart.g prior to the pending print job.

    Or maybe there is a simpler/other way to accomplish this?

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