Shared +3.3V and Ground connections for Carriage mounted sensors?

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    I'm currently building a Hypercube Evolution, and I've got a Duet Wifi (+ PanelDue 7i) on order from Filastruder. I've got a quick question that I couldn't find a direct answer to from searching the forums, so here it goes:

    The HEVO has two carriage-mounted optical endstops, and in my configuration I'm also using a Precision Piezo sensor for bed compensation. Can I share +3.3V and ground connections between these three sensors to help minimize cable clutter? I read a forum post back in December of 2016 where it was stated that you probably shouldn't share the ground used for the thermistor (for temperature accuracy reasons), but is it fine to share the ground and +3.3V power for other (non-fan) things? I don't see why not, but I just wanted to make sure.


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    Yes you can share the ground connection between endstops and a Z probe if they all run from +3.3V power or no power.

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