Not enough clearence

  • When I set the z-offset it is only 1.25mm.

    This means the board often scrapes the top of models, knocking them loose or otherwise damaging them.

    How can I increase the clearance?

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    If your models curl up by as much as 1.25mm, you have much bigger problems than the IR probe clearance because the nozzle is very likely to catch on the curl up, resulting in skipped steps and/or the nozzle pulling the print off the bed.

  • It may be that, but I am pretty damn sick of breaking IR probe mounts while trying to sort it out.

    Can't exactly track down printing issues like you suggest if every 3rd print is a new mount for the z-probe because it has snagged and broken itself off.

    So, any suggestions on the chicken and egg problem?

    Other than that, I am going to go bltouch, simply because there are dozens of designs that I can try to meet my requirements, and not worried about the large edge area of the IR probe. That large flat near inch wide profile catches on everything from the edge of the model to the more delicate supports

    Nor am I skilled enough to make one from scratch, and the large size and unshielded nature of the IR probe makes some obvious solutions much more difficult to modify an existing one.

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    Large amounts of curl up are typically caused by printing excessive overhangs with insufficient print cooling.

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