Hopefully useful information(S3D and firmware retraction)

  • Hey all,

    Got a duplicator 6 clone and almost have it dialed in. Switched from the mk11 extruder to E3D chimera and dual titans. One thing I always had trouble with was retractions. I originally had a 3mm V6 but wanted dual extrusion so I got the chimera. When i swapped that in i also got some capricorn tubing and got the tubes as short as I could. I am using Simplify 3D for slicing and having it generate M101/M102/M103 then using replace to add G10/G11 to take advantage of firmware retraction. I noticed that when I did these the printer would retract after just about every move except solid infill layers… changing any retraction settings in the other tab changed this. One thing i decided to try was instead of replacing M101/M102/M103 with G10/G11 was instead set my retraction settings in the extruder tab to something I would not use... then replace these movements with G10/G11. I used 5mm retraction and speed of 35.0mm/s. The rest I left at 0mm. One thing I noticed was that even though the speed for retraction was 35mm/s or 2100mm/min was that the first unretract had a speed of 10.5mm/s or 630mm/min. The additional commands for post processing were:

    {REPLACE "G1 E-5.0000 F2100\n" "G10\n"}
    {REPLACE "G1 E5.0000 F630\n" "G11\n"}
    {REPLACE "G1 E5.0000 F2100\n" "G11\n"}

    Now when I chose different options in ooze control behavior in the advanced tab, there work with my retractions settings from M207. My prints became waaaaay better so far with what I have printed from PLA and PETG. Im pretty haapy now and hopefully this isn't old news and will help some other people out. Let me know if you have any questions or want my config.g

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