Additional Addons for the Duet Wifi

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    At the start of the Pre-order period we had not confirmed the availability of some of the addons we wanted to offer, specifically the e3d PT100, thermocouple and thermistor cartridges for their popular v6 hotends, along with the heater block required for these cartridges.

    These are now available to order as addons, so we have created a specific product page, to allow these to be added to an existing order:

    Also available are the other addons such as the PanelDue, the IR sensor and the PT100 and thermocouple daughter boards in case you missed out on ordering these the first time round. Please make sure you enter your DuetWifi pre-order number in the comments box during checkout.

    In the vast majority of cases there will be no additional shipping cost (basically only if we have to play more for shipping because the insurance cost has gone up).

    If you have not yet pre-ordered the DuetWifi, don't purchase the addons this way, add them to your pre-order directly.

  • Any chance we could get only PanelDue on the list, without display? Already have a 7" display.

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