Autotune heated bed fails

  • Failing on autotuning the bed.

    2:18:04 PMWarning: Auto tune of heater 0 failed due to bad curve fit (G=66.8, tc=518.4, td=0.0)
    2:10:04 PMAuto tune phase 3, peak temperature was 75.2
    2:09:58 PMAuto tune phase 2, heater off
    2:01:29 PMAuto tune phase 1, heater on
    2:01:24 PMM303 H0
    Auto tuning heater 0 using target temperature 75.0°C and PWM 1.00 - do not leave printer unattended

  • administrators

    The problem is that 0 is an invalid (and unfeasible) dead time. Try tuning the heater again to see if you get a nonzero value, in case reading noise caused the problem. If you get zero again, then I suggest you estimate the dead time by turning the heater on and timing how long it takes before the temperature starts rising; then use that (in seconds) as the D parameter in the M307 command, along with the A=66.8 and C=518.4.

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