To bang, or not to bang?

  • The default setting for the duet is to use bang-bang control for the heated bed.

    Is there a reason for this that I should take into account before using PID control for my bed?
    (Other than the tighter control of a PID not really being necessary, of course)

  • administrators

    PID control of the bed is generally preferred, but you should tune the bed heater system before you enable it.

  • Thanks.

    Pretty obvious now I come to think of it really.

  • Pid matters more the more powerful the heater relative to its area, so for a pcb heater 200x200 running on 12v drawing 9A the bed will struggle to get to temperatureand it will heat up slowly, bang bang is fine. If you have a much more powerful heater then bang bang would cause big oscillations at the set temperature.

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