My First Home Made built from the ground up

  • Well here it is my first of my larger printers 375X420 and a print height of 400mm

    wit lead screw drive on the X and Z
    Touch Screen
    Heated bed
    2 power supplies

    and it prints like a dream and very quiet
    thanks to this forum I will be buying more duet boards and putting out al my printers with them in

    My Next is a 500X500 heated bed printer ( didn't realize that the framework overhangs my bench lol)

  • Cool, I have not seen a design with leadscrews on all axes until now. What kind of print speeds are reasonable for your setup? Makes sense that a belt can go faster, but with ringing and all the other issues the maximum belt speed is unusable.

    edit: Ooops, Well done David I see the Y axis is a belt drive. So same query from both of us!

  • administrators

    Nice! What movement speed can you get on the X axis?

  • 1200 seems to be the max with the motor any more and it jumps

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