New dual motor drive system ideas

  • I'm making a 500X500 printer and I have the frame and bed and most of the other bits and bobs but still not confirmed on a Y-axis drive system
    I'm thinking of a dual motor leadscrew system using 10mm leadscrews but still looking for designs.
    has anyone seen anything like this or has anyone got a better idea.

    I have seen rails but they are a bit expensive when ur buying 2 @ 700mm long so i don't think i will be going down that road.

    but im a bit concerned that 700mm long lead screws might bend

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    Another thing to watch for if you use leadscrews for the X or Y axis is whether you will get sufficiently fast movement, due to the potentially high steps/mm.

  • I'm getting reasonable speed with my leadscrew delta using 8mm per revolution leadscrews. But its not in the "fast" range (like my XL with belts where 400mm/s is achieveable) more like medium speed. I have not got to the stage of being able to print and push the machine to see where the limits lie.

  • I've just ordered a 1000mm long C-BEAM SHIELD KIT

    to run the bed

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