Z-probe and auto bed calibration

  • I'm having trouble with my Z-probe and bed calibration.

    When I run the calibration, the probe goes outside of the bed radius. (delta printer, dual extruders)
    I tried setting an offset with the z-probe, but with the tool selected or not, the offset for the z-probe acts differently.

    when the first extruder is set at the 0 bed point, I need to move x -43.5 and y 24 to reach the center of the probe tip.

    How do I set this for the probe offset? is the probe offset from the tool (as the tool is offset x7.5 y-8) or is the probe offset from the center of the carriage?

  • Yeah, when I have a tool selected, the probe coordinates behave differently.. It doesn't hit the deploy magnet properly.

  • For a single extruder it is the offset from the nozzle tip.

    • On twin setups usually E0 is the 'main' nozzle and all probe/other nozzles are taken relative to that.

    But in reality, every probe and nozzle can have an offset specified, so you can define the center (or any other arbitary point) of your carriage as 0,0 so long as you set the correct offset for each nozzle + the probe relative to that.

    Eg; For reference in my config.g I have:
    [c]G31 P500 X14 Y-12 Z0.7 [/c]
    For my IR probe which is 14mm in front and 12mm to the right of the nozzle as seen from the front (Eg +X, -Y), and triggers 0.7mm below the nozzle tip.

  • So, when e0 is centered, you move it x14, - 12 to be at the z probe, correct?

    Cause I have mine set from the build zero, and I have a tool offset.
    When I select the tool, the probe offset is exactly the tool offset incorrect.
    If I select e1 (t1) which also is offset, it's incorrect by that amount.

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