Zprobe / Meshmap problems

  • So, I setup my zprobe offset Z distance to the extruder.

    But my meshmap seems to be inverted.
    I know my surface is slightly concave, but the map shows it convex.

    Prints are acting very wonky, with the extruder end 2mm above the bed at the center of print.

    Did I do something wrong?

    Do I run the bed calibration before the meshmap?

  • https://duet3d.com/wiki/Calibrating_a_delta_printer

    This page outlines delta calibration better than me, but I'll write a brief summary and throw in some extra info.

    When you run the auto calibration what sort of deviation are you getting? Correct me if I'm wrong but you should be getting around 0.2 deviation.

    A helpful page I was shown regarding strange mesh levelling heatmaps is this one: http://boim.com/DeltaUtil/CalDoc/Calibration.html you can compare the examples to yours to see where your measurements are off.

    You can also use the auto calibration to correct errors in measuring delta radius, endstop position and even tower tilt. If you're sampling enough points that is.

    You can generate a new bed.g using: http://www.escher3d.com/pages/wizards/wizardbed.php selecting 7 calibration factors and then running the auto calibration several times then either reading the results with m665 and m666 or saving them into config_override.g with m500 (you can load these values with m501 either at the end of your config.g or manually).

  • Thanks Dino. That was helpful.
    I think I've got some carriage trouble or my z probe is shit. My g30 command is returning values all over the place.

    I'm going to try tightening up the carriages then replacing the z probe.

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