Clearing errors?

  • I have a few gcode files who's end gcode includes a M140 to set bed to 0 without waiting. My Duet printer does not have a heated bed. Therefore, the M140 throws an error. Fine, no problem with that…

    However, that error repeats on everything that happens after that. Next file to be printed. Gcodes from the console. DWC buttons that issue a gcode command. Any/all interaction with the printer results in a red message block, containing both the positive status from the command issued, and containing a repeat of the "No Heated Bed Configured" message.

    Note: This is NOT reproduced if you enter M140 from the console. This behavior only occurs if the M140 is in the end of an otherwise successful print.

    Is this a bug? And/or, if it is expected behavior, what is my correct action to 'clear' that error, so that future commands and/or prints report green status?

    Also, I realize the REAL fix is to get the G140 out of the end of my files. At the same time, when the printer gets into this "all messages are red" status, the only way out I currently know is an M999 reboot (or power-cycle). I'd like to know a better way, if there is one, while I track down all the G140s



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    The usual cause of messages repeating is that you had more than one browser connected to the Duet (e.g. PC and smartphone), and you turned one of them off without pressing Disconnect first.

    I hope we will be able to fix this soon. Meanwhile, I may make M140 ignore the error if you are setting a temperature of 0 or below i.e.turning the bed heater off.

  • I'll check and see if that is contributing to the observed behavior.


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