IR probe delta calibration

  • If I want to add the H value for each probe point, should I move to each point, use a piece of paper and calibrate Z0 with a G92 Z0 for that point, then record the value from a G31 S-1, and repeat per point? Just want to be sure I'm getting the process right. (I also don't care for the variability in my judgement for getting the same amount of drag on the paper at each point).

    I'm currently calibrating at around a 0.080 - 0.085 range.

    Rostock Max v2, boro glass on an Onyx bed. I did put black paper between the glass and the heat bed to try and even out the readings.

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    Yes, that's what I do - although i have less need of H-corrections since I identified and fixed a skewed carriage. The H correction for each point is the trigger height you recorded at that point less the trigger height at the centre.

  • Ok - debating if I want to mess with it. The paper drag method is variable enough with 0.05 increments that I wouldn't be gaining a lot over the 0.08 deviation I'm getting now if I were to do that per tower.

    I suspect I probably do have some tilt in the system, I know I had more and have taken steps to reduce it, but probably still have some.

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