Stepper motor Wiring

  • I cant tell from the wiring diagram, But i assume that the stepper plugs. the left two pins are one coil and the right two are the other coil

    please confirm 🙂

  • administrators

    That is correct.

  • Hi, was looking for a Wiring forum. I was having trouble with noise getting into my Ste-per motor signals going to my extrude-rs. the result was printing a circle the extruder would over extrude on a then under extrude. I was able to mitigated to and extent with configuration, but it was still there. When i got my new WIFI board i polled the old Duet controller out of my case and put the DuetWIFI board in. this left me with wires that were tin'd with solder, but no connectors. As i was eager to try the board out i Crimped the connectors on my wires and went to get a new configuration setup for my printer. after fighting the issue stated above, i decided to try and old trick we used to use refer-bushing old equipment, and solder the wire Crimped in the connectors. another trick i used (Old Audio trick) was to twist the wire harness wires before reinstalling them. Walla, problem solved. being and older gentlemen, i was reminded of Murphy's law. Go the extra mile when changing or wiring your printer. It will save some time


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