PanelDue 7i - white screen with stripes

  • I recently acquired the new PanelDue 7i. It's been working great, but all the sudden during a print, when I come back to check on it the screen is completely white. After the print finished, I tried to power down and disconnect the panel for a while, but it is still white with vertical stripes. Not looking good 😞 should I try reflashing the firmware? What could happen during print to cause this?

    I am using the 4 wire connector. I tried connecting it with the 10 connector ribbon cable with the same result.

  • administrators

    Looks like it's developed a hardware fault. Try re-flashing the firmware if you like, but unless you accidentally pressed the Erase button, it's unlikely to help. I suggest you ask for into be replaced.

  • FWIW, I tried re-flashing the firmware, and got this screen for a couple of seconds after the touch calibration (which was equally screwed up), then back to the white screen again…

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    Looks like you flashed the wrong firmware, you need to use the -7.0E build for the PanelDue 7i.

  • Good catch! I flashed the 7.0E build and it is working now. I will let it run and hopefully it doesn't act up again. You might want to specify that the 7.0E build is for the PanelDue7i on the github page for PanelDueFirmware releases. Right now it only says : "Do not use the 7.0E build" 😉

  • administrators

    Thanks, I have updated the release text.

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