Impact of accel values on extrusion lag and consistency

  • A few weeks ago something went mysteriously awry on the Chinese delta which I'm using for component fabrication of my current project. Unable after a couple of weeks to sort the problem ( is life ever so bad as when one's printer is down?), I ended up just getting a new controller board for it, an MKS Gen v1.4.

    Initial prints with the new board have been horrendous, due I'm sure to my failure to export the old config settings fully from old board to new. In the course of my Googling the issue I recall reading someplace that inappropriate acceleration values can have the effect of bringing on extruder lag and inconsistent layer appearances – might this have been you Simon?

    This relationship was new to me, and I now wonder whether any of you might be able to elaborate on the matter briefly for me? I have previously held to very low accelerations (on the order of 100) in order to allow the TMC2100 drivers which I've installed on the Anycubic to perform free of any missed steps, but when I came across the above statement I decided to increase those values and the improvement in print quality has been significant. A value first of 1000, however, brought on an immediate return to those dreadful shifted layers within the first ten layers or so of my evaluation prints, while I'm currently at 500 and having what appears thus far to be good fortune.

    As I now attempt to reclaim the level of print quality which I'd been seeing previous to the mishap it seems that this is something which I need to have a good grasp on.

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