New (shorter) printhead setup, auto bed leveling problem

  • Hi all,

    after using the DUETwifi with great pleasure for a few months I updated my Delta printhead and effector. The whole setup is about 12 mm shorter now resulting in more print height. Problem is that now the auto bed leveling wordt reach the FSR system anymore.
    I"ve increased the M665 hxxx setting to 12 mm extra but somehow this seems to be ignored. The head stops higher than usual, then decends and reports that the z-limit is not triggered.

    all help welcome, thanks in advance.


  • How did you change the M665 Hxxx parameter?
    Have you a M501 in your config.g ?

    If it didn't change, maybe you're using the config override file… (the M500/ M501 command)

    What I think you should do...

    in the console tab,

    M665 (to check the parameters that you using.)
    M665 Hxxx (your new height)

  • Thnx, I forgot all about that override-file.
    I'm still confused sometimes with Duet, comming from RAMPS / Marlin.
    Can the override-file be considered the same thing as EEPROM was in my Arduino?
    Where can I find general info about the file structure and what they all mean?

  • administrators

    Yes, config-override.g serves exactly the same purpose as EEPROM does in 8-bit firmwares.

    Both config.g and config-override.g contain only GCode commands. See for the list.

    The SD card file structure and the purpose of the files is documented at

    HTH David

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