Blowing my own trumpet: E3D clone DC42 IR sensor and 40mm fan mount

  • This is my attempt at a generic delta mount for the current e3d clone hotends coming on (for instance) HE3D's K280/K200 deltas, and others.

    Uses the four unused mounting holes on the back of their E3D clone heatsink, and holds the IR sensor and two 40mm blowres under the rod mounts, with a bit of adjustment in case I fit a Volcano heatblock etc.

    SCAD included, it's horrible…

  • I'd really recommend a nozzle probe for deltas. I've gone from a microswitch to DC42 IR to nozzle piezo to bed piezo on my T3DP3D Kossel Mini. The extra precision makes almost no difference for 1st layer adhesion (unless you're going for 0.1mm layer), but is really nice for the calibration.

  • The IR is working well for me now… But really agree about the ultimate probe point being the nozzle, and a piezo system is on the wishlist when I can upgrade with an all-metal affair.

    I also have a requirement to print on (or , technically, 'into the surface of') fabric, and a contactless sensor might have a place in that. I have a friend who is really deeply into fantasy sewing, dresswork, fabric art; and we have some ideas.

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