Using multiple M98 or M32 commands in a macro

  • Is it possible to run multiple prints sequentially from a macro? I need to make a bunch of copies of the same part and was thinking I could create 4 different gcode files (Print1.gcode, Print2.gcode, Print3.gcode, and Print4.gcode where each gcode file prints one copy of the part in a different quadrant of my bed. Originally I was thinking at the end of each file I could insert an M32 command to run the next file but it seems like you can't initiate a print from inside of a print.

    Simplistically, I want to be able to hit go on one macro or print and the printer to execute the following:

    run Print1.gcode
    then run Print2.gcode
    then run Print3.gcode
    then run Print4.gcode
    then run Print1.gcode…

    until I either emergency stop the printer or cancel wheatever print is currently running. I realize that setting the printer up to run an infinite loop like this could cause problems (running out of filament or the printer going to print a part in quadrant 1 and crashing on the part already there if I havent removed it yet) but each part takes long enough that I know I'll be able to remove them before the printer gets back to that spot.

    Is it possible to do this using some combination of M98 or M32?

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    Currently I don't think there is a straightforward way of doing this; but you could concatenate the 4 gcode files together, and make sure there is no M0 command in the end gcode of each file.


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